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PEOPLE IN THIS UNIVERSE can’t ignore that English has its influence, which is so big, for the world. Why does English become an important language, until it’s included in unwritten list named “skill-that-should-be-aced” for each people? What is the impact of English for the world?

People have to know that “Western Countries” has a major influence for the continuous of human living in the world. Especially, United States, which is considered as a leader in technical innovation and economic development. These Western Countries use English as their official language. Even the small islands, which was formed cause The Great Britain’s Expansion when the colonial age happened, use English as their official language. Name it, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, parts of Africa, India, and else. Or even Germany, Denmark and Netherlands still use English as their second language.

It can be considered that English has been spread out, easily and effectively, all around the world. For example, from science knowledges. The research of science is commonly made by Western Countries cause they have a great technology which is one step forward, even one hundreds steps forward, than many countries from the East. Due to that fact, people know and forcefully accept  that the knowledge and technology which they use is from Western Countries, and English is included cause the research basically uses English.

Another examples, Western Countries love an art. They use to have some industries in art. Say, a film industry, a song industry and else. Which the products from these industries are consumed and loved by people in the world. Then, automatically, people know and get the influence of English. Whether is liked or not, English becomes an important language which is commonly used in the world and important to be known even aced by people, cause its major influence. Not just cause its influence, but also the basic of English which uses Alphabet, not like the writing font of Chinese, Japanese and Thai which is uncommon and hard to be learned (it will take a long time).

It’s about 600 – 700 million of people speak in English. It can be concluded, English is common language which is used by foreign speakers. It becomes a connection for each people. Whether the purpose is to communicate, to interact, or even just to greet. Take a look for this example, when the workers from Indonesia want to go for a work to Saudi Arabia, and the Indonesian don’t know how to speak Arabic, they use to choose English as the language to communicate with the Arabian. But then, how if the Indonesian don’t know English and so do the Arabian? They will have no idea how to speak each other, beside use the moving from their own bodies.

Another examples, at February 17th 2016, there was an ASEAN Seminar about “Japanese Economic Cooperation and Social Development: Looking for New Approaches”. It was held at Japan Foundation Hall, Jakarta. In that day, there were so many representatives of each countries came to the seminar; embassy of Africa, Canada, Korea, Unites Stated, and others. The native speakers were from Asia, they were Japanese. Guess, what they used to discuss about the topic! It was English. It’s because English is commonly used to communicate with foreign speakers. And according to this example, English is really that important to connect you with others cause it’s an international language for universe.

Talking about the importance of English, English is related with human lives. From education sight, TOEFL with score 500/600 becomes one of requirement to be accepted in abroad universities out of Indonesia. And also the interview, which is held from university, use English. It shows that English becomes an important thing to be aced for getting the best abroad university.

Having a good skill of English also open your job prospects and increase your standard of living. Why can it be? Because with your bilingual skill, you may be employable in every country. You may get opportunities to get a high-fee and high-honour cause you are useful for your commercial, especially for international relation (because better communication improves the quality of your work).

Due to the fact that English is important, we have to ace English and improve our skill. English may be so useful for our present even future lives. Don’t worry about your ethnicity, color, or background, because English is getting free for anyone. It doesn’t look what you are before, but it will influence who you are now. It may has a big changes for your lives.

Don’t be shy, just go ahead from people who disturb your effort to improve your English. Because learning English is important, it belongs you with more success and ease.

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26th February 2016


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