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WHY SELFIE BECOMES a new habbit in the world? Why selfie can change people’s behavior? Why selfie has so many impacts for people? It can be considered that selfie is a booming thing and becomes a trend in the middle of nitizens. Not only for adolescents, who usually follow the trend, but also kids from elementary school, even elder people. Nowadays, selfie seems listed in a daily activity which can’t be ignored. Whenever and whatever the situation, people in this age will take selfie. Selfie seems like an opium in life. Not doing a selfie is an unusual thing.

Car Selfie: doing selfie in a car while in vacation

Selfie with tongsis

Self-esteem is one of many reasons why―now―selfie becomes a new habbit for people. What can be considered is selfie becomes a new competition to get approval from people around around us and becomes a media to help people for living their existence as humans. Because that’s the common thing of human. As what Abraham Maslow said in his theory named Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; 1). Physiological―something which we need almost every single time. Say, foods, clothes, and stuffs, 2). Safety, 3). Love or belonging, 4). Esteem, 5). Self-actualization.

 Due to selfie’s attendance in this human civilization (until it was put as a word by Oxford Dictionary in November 2013) definitely it brought changes for any of human. And as people know, changes have positive and negative sides.

“Selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”. [1]

It is what selfie is defined. Due to that definition, selfie could bring any development for technology in this world and that is one of selfie’s positive sides.

There are so many gadgets which are been updated with a better technology of camera. For example, smartphone, which now is easily to get by everyone. As we know, there are i-Phone, SAMSUNG, OPPO and Lenovo. Those marks offer great camera with great quality as their purchasing power in economic trade area. It can increase people’s interest, because people nowadays like to take selfie. Even now, there is smartphone which has ISO in its camera and people can control it theirselves. Certainly, it becomes a good news for people who like to take selfie.

There is also a small camera named Go-Pro which is so portable and has wide angle. And the advantages which caused by this selfie is not only earned by big companies, but also for general society. The general society can offer a few items to bolster camera, similar to fish-eye lens, effect for VSCO (an application to edit photos), and else. And not only general society, inventors of social media also get advantages because their social media is used by people.

Besides those positive sides, do you know that selfie can cause cases which if it is not took care of, it can be transformed into a destructive thing. Let’s learn from Danny Bowman, who sepent his 10 hours per day taking selfie 200 times[2]. He even didn’t go to school and be dropped out by his school. He always tried to take the best one of his picture, but he never felt he was. Then, he ate some pills and overdosed. It was so excessive. Why was he so obsessed with selfie? One psychologist from The Priory, London, said that talking lots of selfies is not an addiction, but a symptom of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)[3]. It could be concluded that selfie may makes you be mentally ill.

Another cases, in last November 2015, flower garden owned Wartini in Bathuk, Kidul Mountain, Yogyakarta, was broken by netizens just because they needed to take a good angle for their selfies to be shared in social media. Though the Amaryllis in that flower garden only bloom once a year. It could be considered that there is a demorality of humans who just think about their own selves and don’t care about what’s around.

Selfie which is taken in the middle of Amaryllis Garden, Yogyakarta

The Broken Amaryllis

This thing should be concerned. Do not let people drowned by the trend and just spend their times to take the best one of their selfies, then they upload it into social media. Do not let people lost their dispositions as a zoon politicoon just because they more concern about self-esteem. And do not let people lost their desires to do something more important. This should noted: “Occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary”.

Life is not always about yourself. Human is not a central of world. Narcissism isn’t working in this whole universe. There are still many things which more worthy to do, for example, writing, do exercising, even creating some songs. And many more which needed to be fight for and become our focus. The future, for example.

So as adolescents, we ought to discover another way to prove our selves as a good adolescent. As elder people, we ought to remember something which more imperative to do than taking a selfie. And we all ought to keep our great behaviour to be a descent human for world. Because life is too valuable if we just spend it to look for likers of our photos which just exist in virtual world. It’s all just an illusion.


28th January, 2016


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