Written by Aldilla Yasmin Inas

The Declaration of Human Rights has stated that all human beings reserve the right to rest and leisure. They—human beings—have the rights to stop feeling concerned over bills, heartbreaks, chores, and just be blithesome and relaxed. However, they tend to abandon this longing and continue on their journey of stressful life due to the fact that they lack money, job, feasible grades, or other stuff they consider essential to their lives. They do not seem to comprehend the significance of happiness when they could have spent those valuable seconds to acquire money or various other matters they assume are worth doing. This is owing to the fact that they do not seem to savvy that bliss and satisfaction can be found in the simplest of deeds that do not require any physical effort—reading, for instance. What these subjects do not grasp is that there are numerous reasons on why they ought to read essentially for pleasure.

First, reading is one of the least demanding action in the universe. It requires nothing, simply senses that will sense the words and a literate brain that will comprehend the meaning of the words. If the readers are fit as a fiddle, subsequently they will have no problem reading with their sight. If they are blind, they can always listen to audio books. In the most unfortunate case—if the subjects are visually and hearing impaired—they can always thank Louis Braille for inventing Braille Alphabets. If money is an issue, thereupon they can simply obtain books from their companions or from neighboring libraries.

Second, reading will assist individuals to forget who they are and all their concerns without using marijuana or any other superfluous stuff. When people are stressed, they tend to do lunatic stuff, such as utilizing medications and drinking liquor. They do it in order to run from their problems. Drugs and alcohol are capable of creating a strong imagination, those who utilize it will fail to recall who they are and all their woes tentatively. What they do not conceive is that reading can likewise cause them to forget who they are. Not only that, reading can also lead them to believe they can fly, do magic, slay dragons, ride broomsticks, and save a country. It is merely a matter of choosing the right book to read.

Third, reading is something that can be done anywhere and anytime (as long as it is still in the area of rationality). A considerable amount of people blames ‘time’ when they are not capable of getting away with something, reading is no exception. People say they do not have free time to read, thus preventing them from reading. However, who says they need free time every time they wish to read? They can simply read on the ride to school or back home. They can continue their ‘journey’ before the school bell rings, marking the end of recess. Busy housewives can read Sophie Kinsella’s novels while waiting for the water to boil or when the baby is sleeping. If people are willing, they can read all through the weekend just to consume a favorite book. Therefore, time is no longer an issue they ought of worry about.

Fourth, reading is the window to a lifelong alternate universe. Most people say they are sick and tired of studying or doing the same routines every day with no sort of escape. Reading might be just what they need. It is an impeccable balm for a day full of chores. Not to mention, they will gain more knowledge and wisdom every time they devour a book. The person opening the first page of a book is never the same as the person reaching the last page of a book, even though they are the exact same human being. Several people might not have learned that periodically they are compelled to capitulate in life if they have not read a certain book in which the primary hero admitted he lost, even though it offended his ego to do so. A respectable amount of people might not have figured that one of the areas on Mars is called Acidalia Planitia if they have not read a certain book in which the hero is stranded alone on the red planet. This proves that by reading, people will not only feel increasingly relaxed and blissful, yet also more intellectual and wiser than they were before.

In conclusion, every now and then, people must face varieties of obstruction and hindrance while trying to be the happiest they can be in life. It seems inevitable since them being born is simply being submitted to the harsh world called reality. They blame themselves for being extremely busy and others—family, friends, and colleagues—for being inconsiderate of their situation. They tell themselves they have no time to feel pleased inasmuch as there are too many mouths to feed, too many exams to study for, and too many bills to pay. Instead of worrying about those circumstances, why don’t they just sit and read a novel—or any sort of reading material—for once? They can read it on their ride back home on the bus before they repose, or before the bell rings signaling recess time is over. If they feel unmotivated, then they can always ask someone to discuss a book after finishing it, this method is proved to be highly useful. On the other hand, if they cannot remember to read, then they can always set a notification on their phone to remind them that it is time to read. If they do not like reading heavy literature, they can always read something light and fun. Admittedly, people need to read to let their woes forgotten for once and they will be thankful just how a book can induce them to see the world a little clearer and work a little easier. Most importantly, people must read simply because they all deserve a little pleasure in life.



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